Wine Bottling Process

The bottle is the most common packaging for storage, transport and the sale of wine to consumers.

Before the Romans developed bottle blowing convex glass, wine was stored in large earthenware jars (amphorae). Convex models were replaced in the 18th century by bottles with straight sides, which simplified the stacking of bottles. The most common current capacity is 0.75 liter volume, which is the European standard since 1977. However, we also see different sizes;


Wine Bottle Sizes

  • Split Bottle: 187 ml (fourth of a standard bottle size)
  • Half Bottle: 375 ml (half the standard bottle size)
  • Standard Bottle: 750 ml
  • Magnum: 1.5 liters (two standard bottles)
  • Double Magnum: 4 liters
  • Jeroboam: 3.0 to 4.5 liters (sparkling wine bottles at the Jeroboam level will hold 3 liters, while still wines will hold 4.5 liters)
  • Rehoboam: 6 liters
  • Imperial: 8 liters
  • Methuselah 8 liters
  • Salmanazar: 9 liters
  • Balthazar: 12 liters
  • Nebuchadnezzar: 15 liters (or about 20 bottles of wine)

Dark colored bottles used to protect the wine against the sunlight.

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