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Vodka is a usually colorless spirit with an alcohol content of ideally 40  volume percent. It is distinguished by its almost neutral taste and lack of fusel oils, artificial flavors or other fermented from substances (other than the alcohol itself). It is either pure drinking for a snack or in cocktails mixed.

Word origin

The vodka word can be literally translated as “little water”. In Slavic languages​​, the word “water” says voda (whose spelling in Russian and Bulgarian вода is, in Polish woda), the ka of value diminutive / affectionate. The term appears for the first time in a manuscript of Sandomierz in 1405.


According to the European regulations, vodka is a water spirit that can be produced from any carbohydrate-containing raw materials such as wheat, barley, rye or potatoes. Poland and several northern European countries require that real vodka only from potatoes, cereals and possibly even molasses should be made. Vodka is produced worldwide today, despite remaining in history as a typical Russian drink.

Interesting Facts about Vodka

  1. According to World Health Organisation report (2010) average male vodka consumption in Belarus per a year is 27.5lt and for female 9.1lt.
  2. Wódka Wyborowa is a Polish vodka brand . It is the oldest internationally traded vodka brand in the world.
  3. The first vodka described in Europe is in Poland in 1405.
  4. Every year people spend approximately 9 billion euros for approx. 4.7 billion liters of vodka.
  5. Between 4000 and 5000 vodka brands are on the market.
  6. Billionaire Vodka is officially the world’s most expensive vodka. It has a price tag of US$3.75 million.
  7. One shot of vodka (1.5 fl oz) contains about 97 calories.
  8. In Russia vodka was often used as a medicinal purpose.
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  • BuzzedAldrin May 20, 2015, 10:53 am

    If you’re a fan of vodka, you might be fascinated by ‘poteen.’ For lack of a better way to describe it, it’s a type of moonshine (as us Americans like to call it) that’s traditionally home-brewed but there are brands on the market now with relative popularity.

    You’ll gain no prestige by drinking it, but it’s a close cousin to vodka and has similar traits as well as its own characteristics. A fine drink for the adventurous.

  • cookie1981 July 8, 2015, 1:21 am

    vodka is on of the best spirits to consume. though it originated in Russia and there are very many types of vodkas to choose from on a daily basis. my top three are grey goose, kettle one , ciroc.

  • Sara August 8, 2015, 8:06 pm

    Vodka’s definitely my favorite drink…and it’s easy to make it in home and I’m gonna do it in a couple of months.
    I wonder why that Billionaire Vodka is so expensive…isn’t vodka suppose to be a clean, odorless and tasteless spirit, then what does make it worth 3.75 Million $…

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