Malbec wine


Malbec is the name of a red grape variety native to southwestern France ( in the former province of Quercy , near Cahors where it is known as Côt). The main region of the cultivated Malbec, now is Argentina , where it covers an area of about 25,000 hectares . Malbec is also cultivated in the United States , Chile , Switzerland , northern Italy , Australia , New Zealand , South America , Bolivia , Mexico and Israel .

Worldwide Malbec now has 34,000 hectares under cultivation

  • 71.5% Argentina
  • 19.5% France
  • 3% Chile
  • 2% USA
  • 4% Others

Malbec produces fragrant, rich in tannin and strong purplish red colored wines. These wines are known for their fruity and spicy characters like cherry, plum, coffee, tobacco, chocolate and leather. The wine is well suited to maturation period in oak barrels, in which case it may have some vanilla aromas.


Food Pairing

This full-bodied and high in tannin wine is a perfect choice for roasted beef, barbecued lamb and grilled steak. Pizza with sausage and mushroom would be another good option.

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