A guide to selecting Sherry Wine

  Sherry or Jerez is a fortified wine, meaning that a small amount of brandy (neutral grape spirit) is added to the wine in order to increase its alcohol content. A vast majority of Sherry is dry as opposed to being sweet hence taking on a fine whiskey taste. The Sherry wine production history dates […] Read More


Champagne – Its Fascinating History and Origin

  The term Champagne is a popular and one that carries almost mystical properties for wine lovers. The name refers to two things, one being the most sought after sparkling wine while, on another front, this is one of the wine producing regions in France. Champagne (the wine) is undeniably a classy drink that remains […] Read More


The Barolo Wine Region And Its Famous Barolo Wine

  The Barolo Wine Region is located in the northern Italian region of Piedmont. This wine region includes several communities with the commune of Barolo being the most important one. The region is famous for producing the Barolo wine which is considered to be the greatest of all Italian wines. Located amidst the hills of […] Read More

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Is Drinking Alcohol Going to Make You Fat?

  This is a common question asked by persons who are on diet or are just cautious about their weight and the impact that drinking of alcohol will have on it. It is crucial that you understand the relationship between alcohol and body weight if you want to manage your weight. The issue with alcohol […] Read More


What you should know about Prosecco

  Prosecco is a white sparkling wine from Italy that is mostly dry or extra dry. The wine is made from Glera grapes which were formerly referred to as Prosecco, however other types of grapes including Trevigiana and Biachetta can be used. This beverage derives its name from an Italian village near Trieste where the […] Read More


A Guide to Selecting Scotch Whisky

  Scotch single malt is definitely a fascinating drink. Scottish whisky makers are required to adhere to various strict guidelines in order for their products to be classed as Scotch. First, it has to be entirely produced in Scotland. It shouldn’t also contain any added substances other than water and caramel. It must also be […] Read More


A Guide to Selecting Port Wine

Nothing feels better than finishing-off a tasty meal with even more tasty glass of Port wine! Many years since its invention, this wine continues to enjoy its popularity among other wines in the market today. Regardless of its popularity and unique quality, finding a good port wine that both fits your budget and your taste […] Read More


Quick hangover cure? Maybe not

  The morning after a night out is enough reason to make you swear an oath never to drink again, but you always find yourself in the same position over and over, I’ve been there. So how to cure a hangover fast and get back to your normal routine? There are many common cures for […] Read More